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Clear Quartz “clarity” raw crystal earring studs


Clear Quartz raw crystal earring studs (long pair)

Allow yourself to shine while wearing a unique pair of raw crystal Clear Quartz earrings. Each pair keeps their original raw state of the crystal so they will stand out as one of a kind statement pieces.

Each crystal has been hand selected with love and kept in their unique natural state so no two pieces are the same. Each piece is energetically cleansed and charged each crystal with healing techniques prior to postage.

Due to the raw nature of the crystals, each pair of earrings is unique, so your pair will vary slightly to the ones shown. Please be aware that sizing is approximate and subject to availability.

**This listing is for a longer style of Clear Quartz studs similar to the photo**

About the crystal:

Clear Quartz has a simple purpose of Light Embodied

Clear Quartz: Amplifies and aligns thoughts, feelings and other energetic bodies. This brings about clarity and action which helps with goal setting and clear vision. Purification, balance and self acceptance. Also good to amplify other crystalline energy – i.e. if you are wearing two necklaces at once and wanted to exaggerate the energy of the other crystal.

Chakra: any Chakra

Animal totem: Dove

Look after your crystal earrings by not sleeping or swimming in them. Earrings are cemented onto surgical steel earring backings which makes them hypoallergenic for most ears.

It is important to meet your crystals and connect your energy to them. To do this, sit with them in meditation or just simply hold them for a few minutes. You can even set an intention of how you would like them to help you. Crystals absorb energy so it is important to charge and energise your crystals about once a month. A couple of ways are to place them out under the full moon overnight or smudge with a sage stick.

Each item comes in it’s own special hand stamped calico pouch, perfect for storage and gift giving. If you are gifting this piece to a friend please email me if you would like a special note to go to into the package from you.

Postage is standard- if you would prefer registered post please let me know in the comments and I will work out the cost.

Hand crafted in Brisbane, Queensland Australia by Tegan.

Crystal information thanks to The Liquid Crystals.

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